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Showcase 13

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Your ticket to this 90-minute showcase includes all of the following 9 films.

The Future
8 MINS | Comedy | Australia | DC Premiere
When you're young and in love the future seems bright. But then what?

Waiting on a Train
10 MINS | Drama | U S A | DC Premiere
A man sits on a bench waiting for a train to finally arrive.

Tiny Miny Magic
9 MINS | Comedy | U S A | DC Premiere
Don't get carried away when anonymously courting the mailman.

The Windmill Farmer
5 MINS | Animation | U S A
A farmer in is danger of losing his crop of windmills when he struggles against the cyclical forces of nature.

Retrato de una Familia
Portrait of a Family
16 MINS | Drama | Colombia | DC Premiere
After his father's death, 12-year-old Antonio discovers that the day could be the beginning of an entirely new life for his family.

The Freedom Chair
15 MINS | Documentary | Canada
Josh Dueck was an aspiring skier and coach until a ski accident in 2004 changed his life for good.

Dziad i Baba
The Old Man and the Old Woman
9 MINS | Animation | U S A | DC Premiere
Two soul mates struggle with opposing fears of death and loneliness.

Say It Ain't Solo
16 MINS | Comedy | U S A | DC Premiere
With Hollywood running out of original ideas, a father and son take a stand when they learn that "Star Wars" is to be remade. 

Stay after the screening for a moderated Q&A with the filmmakers.

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