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Showcase 11

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Your ticket to this 90-minute showcase includes all of the following 9 films.

Special Delivery
5 MINS | Comedy | United Kingdom | DC Premiere
When a postman accidentally slips his smoldering cigarette through the mail slot, he resorts to desperate measures to douse the flames.

Grenouille D’hiver
Winter Frog
18 MINS | Drama | France | DC Premiere
A young Japanese woman helps a French winemaker mourn the death of his wife through exchanges between the two cultures.

Mirror Image
11 MINS | Comedy | U S A | World Premiere
Confronting yourself in front of the mirror just got a little more personal.

Lady Razorbacks
4 MINS | Documentary | U S A | DC Premiere
When a group of Pacific Islander women start a rugby team, they challenge stigmas attached to their community.

Le Nid
The Nest
8 MINS | Comedy | France | DC Premiere
A vain actor confronts his impending hair loss.

16 MINS | Horror | Canada | DC Premiere
On a remote and isolated farm, a man is forced to relive a tragic event from his past.

Detras Del Espejo
Behind the Mirrors
12 MINS | Drama | Peru | DC Premiere
The death of a woman complicates the underground business of a sleazy motel's janitor.

Murgi Keno Mutant
Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens
15 MINS | Animation | Bangladesh | DC Premiere
A team of kung-fu fighting chefs must hunt mutant birds in order to keep chicken on their menu.

Stay after the screening for a moderated Q&A with the filmmakers. Plus, in conjunction with “Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens,” Chef Julia Ebell of Rasika West End has prepared a special cocktail to be served after the Q&A.

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