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Showcase 1

Show 1: Thursday 9/6 at E Street Cinema 7PM

@ Landmark's E Street Cinema
Includes access to all shows included in Showcase 1. (Shows are below)

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Your ticket to this 90-minute showcase includes all of the following 9 films.           

Thinking Inside The Box
8 MINS | Dramedy | United Kingdom | DC Premiere
A lonely agoraphobic devises a creative solution to meet the girl of his dreams.

La Mirada Perdida
The Missing Looks
11 MINS | Drama | Argentina | DC Premiere
A mother shelters her daughter in a fantasy world to avoid impending horrors.

Why Do We Put Up With Them?           
3 MINS | Animation | U S A | DC Premiere
Why we love dogs.

10 MINS | Comedy | Ukraine
Even the best relationships need a helping hand.

Murder Mouth
18 MINS | Documentary | Australia | DC Premiere
Madeline decides that unless she can kill it, she can't eat it.

The Photographs of Your Junk (will be Publicized!)  
6 MINS | Experimental | U S A
The title says it all.

Schrodinger's Box
5 MINS | Horror | U S A | DC Premiere
One of the greatest paradoxes of quantum physics is put to the test.

Good Karma $1
14 MINS | Documentary | U S A | World Premiere
A project to understand the world's simplest form of communication turns into a lesson of generosity.

14 MINS | Drama | Malaysia | DC Premiere
On his way to a job interview, an autistic man is distracted by his true passion.

Stay after the screening for a moderated Q&A with the filmmakers. Plus, in conjunction with “Murder Mouth,” Chef Ed Witt of 701 has prepared a Crostini with Lamb Tartare to be served after the Q&A.

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